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Ripples in space-time suggest a black hole swallowed a neutron star
If confirmed, it would be the first neutron star-black hole merger ever detected.
Aug 20, 2019 01:00 UTC Science Read More

Scientists extract hydrogen gas from oil and bitumen, giving potential pollution-free energy
Scientists have developed a large-scale economical method to extract hydrogen (H2) from oil sands (natural bitumen) and oil fields. This can be used to power…
Aug 19, 2019 21:59 UTC Science Read More

ExoMars Parachute Test Fails, for the Second Time
Next year, the European Space Agency (ESA) will be sending the ExoMars 2020 mission to the Red Planet. This mission consists of an ESA-built rover…
Aug 19, 2019 21:01 UTC Science Read More

How SpaceX plans to move Starship from Cocoa site to Kennedy Space Center
How does SpaceX plan to move its 16-story tall interplanetary rocket? On the highway and the river.
Aug 19, 2019 20:59 UTC Science Read More

The Moon Shines Brighter Than the Sun... in Gamma Rays
The Moon is brighter than the Sun, if you're measuring it in gamma rays. Sorta. NASA publicized this interesting factoid in a press release last week while…
Aug 19, 2019 20:09 UTC Science Read More

A doomed comet just fell into the sun
On Thursday, Aug. 15, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) watched a comet meet its demise as the dirty snowball dove directly into the sun,…
Aug 19, 2019 19:04 UTC Science Read More

Potential treatments for citrus greening
Over the course of 40 years, biologist Sharon Long has become an expert in symbiotic bacteria that help alfalfa grow. She has published over 150 papers on this…
Aug 19, 2019 18:59 UTC Science Read More

The weird, repeating signals from deep space just tripled
Fast radio bursts are getting more attention from scientists, who can now detect more of them.
Aug 19, 2019 17:53 UTC Science Read More

Researchers develop materials that can revolutionize how light is harnessed for solar energy
Researchers at Columbia University have developed a way to harness more power from singlet fission to increase the efficiency of solar cells, providing a tool to…
Aug 19, 2019 15:45 UTC Science Read More

Variation in the shape of speech organs influences language evolution
Why do languages sound so different when people across the world have roughly the same speech organs (mouth, lips, tongue and jaw)? Does the shape of…
Aug 19, 2019 15:00 UTC Science Read More

Climate Science: A Source of "Anti-Greenhouse Gas" Is Hidden in Marsh Mud
The smell that wafts off of the ocean is instantly recognizable: Sometimes it smells *fresh* and clean, but other times it's a little clammy, briny, or sulfuric. That smell…
Aug 19, 2019 14:59 UTC Science Read More

Hundreds of extreme self-citing scientists revealed in new database
Some highly cited academics seem to be heavy self-promoters — but researchers warn against policing self-citation.
Aug 19, 2019 13:25 UTC Science Read More

Stick to the facts when telling a story, study finds
Researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois, studied nearly 400 adults and found that shrouding information in anecdotes compromises their…
Aug 19, 2019 11:06 UTC Science Read More

'Evil-Genius' Neutrino Gun Could Finally Unmask the Tiniest Particles in the Universe
These giant experiments are searching for the most-elusive ghost particles in the universe.
Aug 19, 2019 10:59 UTC Science Read More

Radio signals from space just reached Earth: Proof of alien life or is it something else?
The mysterious radio signals are so-called Fast Radio Bursts or FRBs from some unknown source in the cosmos. Thanks to Canada's CHIME radio telescope in…
Aug 18, 2019 13:47 UTC Science Read More

The US Plans To Send Nuclear Reactors To Space
Despite the nuclear industry stumbling in the domestic United States, the country is looking to put nuclear reactors on Mars and the Moon.
Aug 17, 2019 22:59 UTC Science Read More

Viewing Tips for Peak of Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight
The Perseid meteor shower is upon us. It is the most famous and active meteor shower of the year with up to 80 meteors an hour leaving long trails across the.
Aug 17, 2019 22:07 UTC Science Read More

Alabama native ready to lead NASA back to the moon
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, left, hands off the space agency's astronaut lunar landing program Aug. 16, 2019 to Human Landing Systems Program…
Aug 17, 2019 20:44 UTC Science Read More

Elon Musk is once again on a quest to ‘nuke Mars’
If there's one thing you can say about Elon Musk it's that he's never lacked ambition. He's founded a number of successful companies, and with SpaceX he's…
Aug 17, 2019 18:06 UTC Science Read More

NASA wants to send two more missions to Mars to collect rock samples
With its Mars 2020 mission, NASA hopes to collect samples from the surface of the planet when it launches next year. The challenge is how to get those samples…
Aug 17, 2019 17:51 UTC Science Read More

SpaceX is staking its future on this one rocket as it prepares for Mars
The Big Falcon Rocket is the culmination of years of work. And SpaceX plans for its Starship to be a cornerstone of Mars colonization.
Aug 17, 2019 15:08 UTC Science Read More

Mysterious Light Spotted Around Supermassive Black Hole in Centre of Our Galaxy (Video)
The supermassive black hole known as “Sagittarius A*” (or Sgr A*) has been watched by scientists for years. Although this space giant has been relatively calm…
Aug 17, 2019 13:43 UTC Science Read More

NASA latest: Chief confirms NASA is on track to land on the Moon 'Pave the way for Mars'
NASA is well on its way towards landing the first woman and the next man on the Moon, paving the way for future manned missions to Mars, NASA's…
Aug 17, 2019 13:13 UTC Science Read More


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